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Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Management Information System    M.Sc.
2    Internet Engineering    B.Sc.
3    Artificial Intelligence    B.Sc.
4    Software Engineering - II    M.Sc.
5    Advanced Software Engineering    M.Sc.
6    Advanced Topics in Software Engineering    M.Sc.
7    Ensineering Statistics    
8    Advanced Programming    B.Sc.
9    Computer Lab.    B.Sc.
10    Database Design Concepts    B.Sc.
11    Software Engineering -II    B.Sc.
12    Data Base    B.Sc.
13    Basics of information retrieval and Web search    B.Sc.
14    Internet Engineering    B.Sc.
15    Multi Media Environments    B.Sc.
16    Advanced Management Information Systems    M.Sc.
17    Advanced Software Engineering    M.Sc.
18    Expert Systems and Knowledge Engineering    M.Sc.
19    Search engines and web mining    M.Sc.
20    Expert Systems and Knowledge Engineering    M.Sc.
21    Decision Support Systems    M.Sc.
22    Seminar    M.Sc.
23    Decision Support Systems    M.Sc.
24    Knowledge Management    M.Sc.
25    ٍٍEnterprise resource planning    M.Sc.
26    Corpus linguistics    Ph.D
27    Web meteing and meaning    Ph.D
28    Natural Language Processing    Ph.D
29    Introduction to Computers & Programming    Ph.D
30    Decision Support Systems    Ph.D
31    Knowledge Based Systems    Ph.D
32    Semantic Web    
33    Search engines and web mining    M.Sc.