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Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Detecting bipolar users from twitter data    M.Sc.    elham kadkhoda    1400/07/07
2    Early Fake News Detection Using Content Features    M.Sc.    Sajjad Rezaei    1400/06/30
3    An Ensemble Deep Learning Event Detection Model For Social Networks Data Based On Fog Computing Environments    M.Sc.    Ali Gandomi    1400/02/21
4    Predicting Personality Using Sentiment and Semantic Analysis of Textual Data in Social Networks    M.Sc.    Hossein Hokmabadi    1399/11/30
5    Detecting dyslexia in persian-speaking children using computer game    M.Sc.    Fatemeh Asghari    1399/11/30
6    Adapting academic curriculum with job requirements using text mining    M.Sc.    Amir Tavakoli Haghighi    1399/06/16
7    Mining information for solving cold item problem in opinion mining    Ph.D    fatemeh pourgholamali    1398/10/17
8    A neural graph based approach for POI recommandation    M.Sc.    sima naderi    1398/06/30
9    Life Event Detection from Social Media    Ph.D    Maryam Khodabakhsh    1397/06/31
10    Intrusion detection system using big data analytic and deep learning    M.Sc.    soosan naderi    1397/06/14
11    Semantics-enabled User Interest Mining from Social Networks by Modeling Topics    Ph.D    Fattane Zarrinkalam    1397/04/15
12    Process drift detection in business process logs using deep learning    M.Sc.    fatemeh khojasteh    1396/10/25
13    Mining Optimal Execution Trace from Event Logs    Ph.D    Asef Pourmasoumi Hassankiadeh    1396/10/17
14    An integrated semantic framework for structured opinion summarization    Ph.D    Ehsan Asgarian    1396/09/30
15    A Big Data Compatible Architecture for Detecting External Plagiarism    M.Sc.    Hamid Rohani    1396/06/29
16    A computing NLP model based for Pronoun Resolution in a single sentence of Arabic Language    M.Sc.    Zaher AL Rifaie    1396/06/13
17    A Rule-Based Computational model for Coreference Resolution in multi sentences of Arabic Language    M.Sc.    Hussein Ali Shatti Al- Hraishawi    1396/05/22
18    Keyword-based Question Answering System Using Dynamic SPARQL Templates    M.Sc.    fatemeh mirahmadi    1395/12/10
19    Process similarity measuring using Tree similarity    M.Sc.    jalal sakhdari    1395/06/31
20    Increasing quality of process mining event log using the bin log of database    M.Sc.    shokoufeh ghalibafan    1395/06/29
21    Process Similarity Assessment Using Ontology Matching    M.Sc.    SAREH SADEGHIANASL    1394/11/04
22    semantic fragmentation of a process model using ontology    M.Sc.    somaye hosein zade    1394/11/04
23    Designing business Intelligence Base on Research Data Ontology (Case study: Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad)    M.Sc.    Marzieh Raoufnezhad    1394/06/29
24    Assessing the Interlinking of a Linked Dataset based on RDF Graph Metrics    M.Sc.    Najme Yaghouti    1394/06/28
25    Opinion mining in Persian language based on extracting and matching sentences sentiment patterns    M.Sc.    seyed muhammad asghari    1394/04/03
26    Fact Extraction from Persian Context as RDF Format    M.Sc.    Tooba Fadaee    1393/11/01
27    Content& Link Analysis Based Ranking of SPARQL Query Results    M.Sc.    Azam Feyznia    1393/07/08
28    Persian FAQ Retrieval System based on Ontology and User Profiles    M.Sc.    Morteza Pourreza Shahri    1393/07/03
29    a triple based question answering system using semantic role labeling    M.Sc.    hadi ghaemi    1393/07/02
30    A Metric-driven Approach for Assessment of Inherent Quality Of Linked Open Data sources    Ph.D    Behshid Behkamal    1393/03/22
31    A Linked Data Driven Approach to Reusability in Web Engineering    Ph.D    Samad Paydar    1393/03/21
32    Using Focused Web Crawling for Enhancing Semantic Web Documnet Access    M.Sc.    reihaneh emamdadi    1392/11/20
33    A Scalable Entity Based RDF Indexing    M.Sc.    fateme abiri    1392/11/19
34    semantic stigmergy in multi agent systems    M.Sc.    zahra keivanlou    1392/06/30
35    Association Rule Mining from Semantic Data Streams    M.Sc.    ashraf heydari    1392/06/30
36    Automatic Semantic Evaluation of Persian Text Summarizer with using WordNet    M.Sc.    Ahmad Estiry    1391/11/14
37    A New Approach for Sentence Aligning to Create English-Persian Bilingual corpora    M.Sc.    ahmad toosi    1391/06/01
38    Improving English – Persian statistical machine translation with linguistics information    M.Sc.    reza saeedi    1391/06/01